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Wegener Center University of Graz (WEGC)

As an interdisciplinary institute of the Karl-Franzens-University Graz (Faculty of Environmental, Regional and Educational Sciences), WEGC brings together researchers from fields such as geo- and climate physics, meteorology, economics, geography and regional research and works closely with national and international cooperation partners.

Within WEGC, the ReLoClim research group deals with the analysis and modeling of the climate in the Alpine region and its use in interdisciplinary projects.

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TU Graz (TUG)

The Institute of High Frequency Technology at Graz University of Technology is engaged in teaching and research in the fields of telecommunications, high frequency technology and electromagnetic wave propagation with the specific research areas: Microwave technologies, opto-electronic communication, radar technology and wave propagation.

The members of the Radar Technology and Wave Propagation research group have many years of experience in the development of methods and algorithms to study the physical properties of the atmosphere, clouds and precipitation.

Interest Group Wind Power (IGW)

Interest Group Wind Power (IGW)

IG Windkraft is the Austrian umbrella organization for wind energy. The association has represented the interests of local operators, interested citizens and the supplying industry since 1993.

IG Windkraft is also represented in international bodies such as the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) and the European Technology Platform (TP Wind).

As an information hub for the industry, IG Windkraft is also the point of contact for representatives in ministries and research institutions for the interests of the Austrian industry.

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Wien Energie GmbH (WE)

Wien Energie GmbH is Austria’s largest energy service provider and is responsible for the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heat in the greater Vienna area. With a turnover of EUR 1,794 million in 2014, Wien Energie is one of the companies with the highest turnover in Austria.

Within the company, the Renewable Generation business area is the competence center for electricity generation from renewable energy sources, in particular wind power, photovoltaics and hydropower. In addition to the operational management of the existing systems, the focus of the business division is on expanding the project portfolio.

Wien Energie GmbH is the owner and operator of numerous wind farms in Austria with a capacity of 130 MW by the end of 2015. These include Europe’s largest alpine wind farm on the Steinriegel in Styria.

Interest Group Wind Power (IGW)

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT)

The AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH is the Austrian research institute of European stature that deals with the key infrastructure issues of the future.

The AIT is contributing know-how from the research field of “Intelligent Vision Systems” to this project. It combines all AIT technologies for image and video processing and specializes in the implementation of innovative solutions according to the requirements of partners from industry and research.

The “3D Vision and Modeling” research service is one of the focal points of this research area, which is dedicated to the development of technologies for spatial capture using image processing methods.

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Energy Workshop

The Energiewerkstatt has been working on projects in the field of renewable energy for more than 30 years. Energiewerkstatt’s portfolio ranges from measurements to consulting and planning services. Furthermore, Energiewerkstatt has extensive experience in the management and processing of applied research projects.

The activities of the energy workshop in this project are coordinated by Mr. Krenn. Andreas Krenn is a certified project manager according to IPMA, the Austrian representative in IEA Task 19, author of several publications on wind energy (especially in the field of “Wind Energy in Cold Climates”) and has many years of experience in the management of applied research projects in the wind energy sector. The backstopping is carried out by Mr. Winkelmeier, the managing director of Energiewerkstatt. Mr. Winkelmeier has been working in the wind energy sector for more than 30 years and is the author of numerous publications.